zombie pig, zombie cannon, zombie farm

A video game studio asked me to come up with concepts for a tower defense game. This is one of 3 concepts I came up with, “Zombie Farm”. Basically the game took place in a post-abarnalyptic future and involved the defense of Farmer Dell’s homestead and all its stored food with weapons fashioned from farm […]

zombie fire ants controlled by phorid flies

Does Invasion Of The Body Snatchers sound like something reserved for the silver screen only? Perhaps not, thanks to the strange and unique life cycle of the phorid fly. Instead of personally caring for their larvae, this winged insect opts for converting prey into a living nursery, zombie style.

In South America female phorid […]

black sheep

One dream of mine since watching movies was to have a starring role as a zombie. It would be a delight to stumble about while drooling without being looked at in disgust for it. Did you ever notice in a zombie movie there is often one “special zombie” that never gives up? Ah yes, the […]

battling the forces of evil… in a miniature car

I remember as a child, I had some of the most exceptionally cool and ADVENTUROUS dreams (still do!), and then I?d try telling my family at the breakfast table the next morning. Sometimes, people were cool with it, other times, they were just like, “Nick (tragnark), shut-up! All you DO is talk about your dreams!”