yoda the cat, born with four ears

Strange mammal alert. Don’t you wish you had a pet like this? I think if the X-men had a cat, it would be similar, except it would have some type of sonic sound ability. I like how this feline poses for photos: WITH AUTHORITY.

They say cats have nine lives, but this one has [...]

toy yoda

Hahahaha. Oh man….this lady got OWNED. What is superb is the look on her face next to the toy. Insult to injury, a plastic Yoda can be.

star wars: where science meets imagination

I just went to the exhibit of”Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination”. It was awesome. They had models of most of the ships, and alot of the actual costumes and movie props used in the films, so I took a bunch of pictures. You can see some of them below. One thing in particular that [...]