sledding on christmas

Here’s a little gift I made for the family this year. Had a lot of fun looking through old scrapbook pictures and thinking about old times.

To see the image in higher resolution click here. To see more work click here.


the neighbor’s turtles

These are some awesome turtles the neighbors have. They built a whole pond and made a separate pond for the baby turtles when they are born. Adult turtles will eat the babies if you don’t keep them in another area after hatching from eggs. During the winter the turtles have a crate built into the [...]

crop circles in chungnam boryoung, south korea

A strange pattern appeared in a field in South Korea this past weekend. It hasn’t been determined at this time whether the formation is man-made or unexplainable in origin. What is fascinating about this particular shape is its resemblance to the lunar cycles of the year, which is further explained below.