princess peach of the mushroom kingdom

Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle.

To see the image in higher resolution click here. To see more work click here.

It’s been a Mushroom Kingdom, Blade Runner, Joan Jett kind of week.


all 32 courses of mario kart for wii

I found this video of all 32 courses of the new mario kart game on This game looks pretty incredible. I’ve been a huge fan of mariokart from its debut on the super nintendo back in the day. Since moving from home years and years ago, I willed my super nintendo to my sister [...]

king of kong: a fistful of quarters

As I was painting last night I was finally able to check out this movie. I’ve been curious about it ever since seeing trailers and the hype, pumping it up as the classic video game movie must see. After finishing the film and being absolutely riveted for 79 minutes, you can guess that my happy [...]

human TETRIS performance by Guillaume Reymond