events pictures updated in gallery

It’s taking time, but I’m finally starting to upload images of selected gallery shows and events that I’ve participated in over the years. You can check out what images I have up so far by clicking here. I’ll be updating it regularly from now on, so this will be the only multi-event update.

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website update

I just updated a bunch of code, formatting, and other things on the site. It runs a lot smoother now for many technical reasons. If you’ve been here recently, please take the time to clean out the cache files on your browser. Thank you.

elephant sketch

As I’m working on some new animation projects, I’m also working to update my site with work that was never shown before. The old portfolio system bogged down when there were too many thumbnails, but now that’s not an issue. Here’s a sketch I did of an elephant at a zoo a while ago. I [...]

golem photos updated in gallery

I’ve just updated the golem photos in the gallery here.

I added the picture from, the two pictures of both colorways in front of their respective boxes, and hi-res images of the golem from every individual angle.

updates and batman

Two new pics up in the “Animation / Illustration ” category in the Artwork Section. Also, I will be putting up another toy design by the end of this weekend. Go see “Batman Begins” too. Batman drops knowledge like a fisher drops lines for marlins.