this way to the treasure!

A boy, a fox, and a compass girl, chase their moonshot dream. Three brave explorers trek Gunganaap, propelled by heart unseen.

This way to the treasure, my dear close friend, over snowy caps and seas, through arid dunes and deep dense jungle, to the tips of outgrown trees.

Through the rolling meadows of Hoo-ma-bee, to [...]

barking squirrel

One Saturday morning I woke up to an odd barking noise outside. A lot of our neighbors have dogs and take them for walks in the morning, so naturally I thought Sparky was the source of the commotion. Scanning the ground yielded no visual confirmation. Instead, my eyes were directed up to a tree branch [...]

hot air balloon launch

I’ve never seen hot air balloons launch in real life before. I guess it’s because I’m not an early rise person. I’m glad I went against my nature to see them take off yesterday morning at 6:30am from a mist covered field.

My favorite balloon of the entire show was the dragon one. The happy [...]