sneaker pimps 3rd usa tour locations and dates

SNEAKER PIMPS 3rd USA TOUR: .Los Angeles 8th, 9th and 10th July .San Francisco 22nd & 33rd July .Chicago 5th & 6th August .Miami 11th & 12th August .Atlanta 19th & 20th August .Philadelphia 26th & 27th August .Boston 23rd, 24th and 25th September .New York City 8th and 9th October

skateboard deck artshow tour dates and venues

The skateboard deck artshow is now traveling around the country. Chicago is set for the month of january at Rotofugi, and in the february will be shown in Milwaukee at Hotboards for one day, and The Artbar for 2 weeks following. I’ve recently nailed down a final date with LC at Cannibal Flower to be [...]

skateboard deck artshow cross country tour

The skateboard deck artshow is starting its journey around the country. It just started with humble beginnings in Virginia, and will end in LA/ Orange County sometime in March/April/May.