twisting time to solve puzzles in braid

Every once in a while a crazy game comes along that does something to redefine the genre in its time. I was blown away by the play mechanics and logic puzzles in Portal, and it looks like Braid is something of the same category. When I first saw videos if it, the design style had [...]

ronald mallett and the world’s first time machine

What an interesting person this guy is. Haven’t we all had things heroic and tragic that have inspired us to imagine possibilities as children? It seems that Ronald never stopped thinking this way, even if the boundaries were the very dimensions of space and time.

Ronald Mallett was born in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania, on [...]

gift of gab: saul williams: lyrics born: release

I really enjoy this song. I’ve always felt that great writing and lyrics are visual and act as a catalyst to travel through time, space, and other dimensions. It’s in our own mind that all dimensions are malleable to the will of the individual.

You can read the lyrics below as the music is playing [...]