dr. seuss horton hears a who tragnark toy

Hey so I guess I can talk about this now, since they’ve announced it on Vinylpulse. Thanks Jack.

Dr. Seuss mesmerized generations (and continues to do so) of children with numerous books filled with his unique drawings and memorable rhymes. Horton Hears a Who!, one of his most popular titles, tells the tale [...]

pocket full of monsters: ningyo gosho designs

I’ve posted some earlier entries here regarding the gosho design I did for PFOM. My version of the gosho is part of an entire set coming out soon. Here’s part of Andy’s post below on from his site, TOYSREVIL. You can read the full post with hyperlinks to each artist site and hi-res image files [...]

ningyo gosho finish

Here’s my cad from all angles. You can go to the here to see higher-res images from all angles. He’s a friendly little spidery-guy. Haha.


ningyo gosho progress…and spiders too

So here’s about where I’m at with my PFOM gosho design right now. I’m still fleshing out elements of the different viewpoints and tweaking details, but you get the picture by looking at this. My next post will be the gosho from all angles.

Just to remind you, the original gosho shape looks like [...]

pocket full of monsters: ningyo gosho

I just redesigned the artwork section on the website, and migrated the data into a new system that works much better than before. Please check out my friend Aaron’s blog, PFOM, for the Ningyo project that a bunch of us are working on with Super Rad Toys. I’m having allot of fun with my design, [...]