daigo umehara (ryu) vs mago (sagat)

Street Fighter 4 is looking nice, and the ground swell of loyalists from decades ago and newcomers alike is an exciting thing to bear witness to. Ever since seeing the first teaser screen shots, the old memories of sho-ryu-kens, groups of onlookers, and endless quarters into the Capcom machines have flooded my memories from the [...]

super animal friends to the rescue

Besides Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom, there is one other sparring game that is blowing my mind: Ultimate Ninja Storm. The style, timing, and cinematic quality has been translated in a way which I’ve never seen in a 3-d fighter. The frame rate seems to hold stable during game play, even at intensive [...]

tatsunoko vs. capcom

All the versus fighting series by Capcom are my favorites, and they’ve just released the first trailer for the new game, tatsunoko vs. capcom. It looks like the developers are taking advantage of the “2.5-D” platform being used in Street Fighter 4, with ridiculous and over-the-top super attacks that have made themselves a staple [...]

street fighter 4

Ok, soooo, since I’m in a martial arts type of mood, I think it would only be fitting to bring up one of the raddest examples that set the pinnacle and standard for fighting games: Street Fighter. Yes, that’s right, after a long wait in the series, they are coming out with number 4.

The [...]