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I don’t mean to be an asian stereotype, but I love rice.

If I love rice, then it’s natural to say that doing research to find an exceptional rice cooker would be the next step. A little over a year ago I was wondering around Chinatown with my friend and former roommate Chris Lee. We stopped into this little shop and the miraculous vision of the inner cooking pan and heating system graced my eyes in the form of the:


the most amazing rice cooker ever made

(NS stands for no-shit, except in the pants of those that see it for themselves. Haha. Bring some diapers.)

The NS-ZCC10/18 has fantastic programming built into it which compensates temperature in real time whether you over or under-fill the water level outside optimum range. Because of this, there is no sticky or flaky “film” that builds on the edges of the pot during the steaming process. The distribution of heat remains even throughout, which results in a consistent layer and texture on all axis of cooking goodness. The pot is easily removable for washing after the job is done, as well as the inner lid. The escape hatch for the steam is an innovative design, which diverts air pressure while staying free of residue. How do they do it?! ….the world may never know. All in all, I was very satisfied the first time using it, and am still elated with the product over a year later.

Guess who else uses the NS-ZCC10/18?


That’s what I thought.

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