the unique and bizarre world of zeno clash

Steam had a good deal this weekend for the game Zeno Clash. My interest was originally piqued after reading Brad Shoemaker’s positive review at Giant Bomb.

The pure weirdness of the story and character design caught my eye immediately. The two day sale was enough to convince me to purchase and give it a [...]

a new ziggurat planned in dubai

Dubai seems to be ahead of the curve with architecture and urban planning. A thousand years from now, who knows? Perhaps in time our planet will be covered with geometric structures like this.

I myself would be interested in seeing the technology on a more modular level, where I could buy a miniature family-size [...]

half life series

The Half Life series is one of my favorite video games of all time, so I figure that I must blog about it at least once on the site.

For starters, the story is genius. It’s easy to fabricate a reality with complexities blaring at an even intensity across the board. What makes this series [...]