social media revolution

Is social media a fad? ….or is it the biggest shift since the industrial revolution?

The statistics are insightful to altering trends and schisms between old approaches and new. Technology is changing: how we connect, communicate, interface, relate, and do business. Information and enterprise has become increasingly organic and accessible to more points of [...]

rising tides

Thanks for all visits everybody. Traffic from Europe has been spiking high for the past few months, and visits from Australia keep growing. This site now averages between 150,000 to 200,000 hits a month, bringing the yearly average number of hits over 2 million. I’m updating more frequently now, so I promise to keep the [...]

1.7 million hits for 2004

So I’ve gotta thank all the people I don’t even know who are visiting this site…keep visiting :). Since January of 2004, this site has had 100,000+ hits consistently a month up until present day….uh, so the total number of hits for 2004 was 1.7 million. Somehow I fooled a bunch of people around the [...]