spore: the sim-everything from will wright

The concept surrounding this title posed some interesting questions not many explore. Origins, self-awareness, and the evolution of social organizations from bestial necessity to cosmic exploration find themselves under the macroscope. The game in no small way entertains the viewpoints between intelligent design and evolution. To some degree I think it plays a hybrid to [...]

adams calender: world’s oldest man-made structure?

Michael Tellinger talks about what he believes to be the discovery of the oldest man-made structure on Earth, around 75,000 years old. A new book by Johan Heine and Michael Tellinger outlines the events that led to this discovery in South Africa by explorer/pilot Johan Heine.


human: the science behind what makes us unique

I was listening to an interview with Michael Gazzaniga, the author of the book Human while drawing at work. The discussion first dealt with the uniqueness and similarities between other living creatures, then moved on to how that applies as a logical overlay in bioethics and observational similarities that seem hard-wired into our genome objective [...]

man declared brain dead, alive and well today

You’ve got to wonder when things like this happen if there is a definitive threshold between the body’s ability to house a life force or not, or if re-animation technology is more than the myth of a George Romero film.

This also raises interesting questions about what is lost or gained in every case [...]