mysterious pyramids of tenerife

I am curious about pyramids. They appear in many cultures spanning the globe, with a air of mystery as to their creation and absolute purpose. The Golem’s kingdom of Soledad was heavily influenced by my research into this phenomenon and its history. What I like about art is it allows us to be more analytical [...]

golem toy black on black write-up on vinylpulse

My friend Jack at Vinylpulse was kind enough to do a little write-up and review of the black on black version. Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Click here to read the full article and review.

He took a few pictures also. I really like this one.

When you buy the Golem, there will be [...]

golem toy release in february

I woke up yesterday to find people getting stoked for the february release of the Golem toy. Yay. There will be two colorways available in february, the original one (400) and a black on black (200). When I get some more details on where to get them, I’ll post the links on this blog.

Someone [...]