social media revolution

Is social media a fad? ….or is it the biggest shift since the industrial revolution?

The statistics are insightful to altering trends and schisms between old approaches and new. Technology is changing: how we connect, communicate, interface, relate, and do business. Information and enterprise has become increasingly organic and accessible to more points of [...]

human: the science behind what makes us unique

I was listening to an interview with Michael Gazzaniga, the author of the book Human while drawing at work. The discussion first dealt with the uniqueness and similarities between other living creatures, then moved on to how that applies as a logical overlay in bioethics and observational similarities that seem hard-wired into our genome objective [...]

social experiment as told by John Maxwell

I’m reading a book right now, “The Total Money Makeover”, written by Dave Ramsey. It’s an extremely good, straight-forward text which gives advice on how to manage yourself financially, more importantly, how to manage your mindset and outlook on reality. We are creatures of habit, and it’s those habits that we’ve conditioned ourselves to in [...]