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The Skateboard Deck Artshow got a write-up in the LA Weekly. My deepest apologies to Josh Brown who was not mentioned as the organizer of the tour on a national level. I was involved with organizing the LA venue, and worked jointly with Ethos and Josh for the Chicago venue. Without Josh Brown however, this would not have happened. Without Mix Master Mike, I would not have had the means by which to travel to this dimension from Zektar by music, the universal language. I must give credit where credit is due.

The MADL show was great! So much cool talent there. Yeah, well, now it’s time to start getting my archive of photos together from the past few events and put them up on the site. Also, I will be posting images of my MADL design, some new paintings, and my skateboard design into the “artwork” section later this week.

The skateboard deck artshow is now traveling around the country. Chicago is set for the month of january at Rotofugi, and in the february will be shown in Milwaukee at Hotboards for one day, and The Artbar for 2 weeks following. I’ve recently nailed down a final date with LC at Cannibal Flower to be showing in Los Angeles on the 26th of March.