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My hope is that drastic weather changes like this don’t cause too many of the same problems in other countries. It’s disturbing how random the sizes can be, from varied pockets in farmer’s fields to depressions large enough to swallow an entire playground.

Craters of different sizes have been seen in a vast area of land stretching across eastern and southern China’s Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu and Guangxi province, state media reported.

Cheng Jie, a geological expert from the China University of Geoscience, said: “I think it is very unlikely that the sinkholes were caused by human activities. It is mainly a result of natural causes, like the sharp weather changes from extreme droughts to heavy rainstorms.”

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A couple weekends ago I went to the park. It’s about the time of the year when the temperature is pleasant and the animals are making little versions of themselves. We took some bread with us and blanket. Aaaaah. After being inside for hours and hours working on art, it’s a great reprieve.

Before finding a place to sit down and relax, I saw two male waterfowl fighting for the attention of a female. Hahaha. There was a (human) mom and her son there too, and they got scared and ran away when they started fighting. I was enamored by the event, and like a stereotypical asian began furiously taking pictures. They look like synchronized swimmers don’t they?

fighting waterfowl

After find a place to sit, we decided to feed the pigeons. It was then that I heard a kid behind me ask his mom, “Did they fly all the way from New York?”. That’s rich, heheh. Kid logic is awesome and when they say stuff like that; I could write a children’s book about it.


pidgeons feeding

The highlight of the day was the mother duck and her babies. They were swimming next to the pond and moved onto the land for a quick nap

park ducks

I pushed some kid out of the way to get these close up pictures. Pay special attention to the large goose in the background. I found it peculiar to see its constant proximity. I thought to myself, “Is that goose guarding the babies?”

park ducks

park ducks