heavy hitterz manila: event photos

James “Ganyan” Garcia was kind enough to post some photos of the gallery show for us to share with others. If you want to see the rest, go to the artwork section of my website and click on the “events” category here.

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cambodian culture and photography

These are some fantastic pictures of Cambodia from National Geographic.

I was always intrigued by this part of the world. The way their temple architecture intertwines surrounding foliage looks like a future civilization where environment has integrated with structure. Cambodia has an interesting political history, with social revolution and many changes fertile in its wake. [...]

golem photos updated in gallery

I’ve just updated the golem photos in the gallery here.

I added the picture from vinylpulse.com, the two pictures of both colorways in front of their respective boxes, and hi-res images of the golem from every individual angle.