how small we are, from earth to canis majoris

My friend Joe had this up on his blog and it blew my mind.

I’ve seen similar animated images that end at the star Betelgeuse, but this one goes even farther in scale. What’s amazing is how much the sun dwarfs our planet, and that the largest stars when compared to our sun make it [...]

crop circles in chungnam boryoung, south korea

A strange pattern appeared in a field in South Korea this past weekend. It hasn’t been determined at this time whether the formation is man-made or unexplainable in origin. What is fascinating about this particular shape is its resemblance to the lunar cycles of the year, which is further explained below.


paper airplane could launch from space station

It would be the farthest such flight by a long shot, and the most difficult. But a Japanese astronautics engineer is determined to throw a paper airplane from Earth orbit.

University of Tokyo Professor Shinji Suzuki is working with Japanese origami experts to launch a specially-designed origami aircraft from the International Space Station and return [...]