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This year’s Sasuke 22 (Ninja Warrior in the US) was one of the most exciting competitions of all time. Yuuji Urushihara, the humble shoe salesman, was mere seconds away from making Sasuke history! It seems the tides are turning with the well-known Sasuke All-Star veterans being tallied out early in the first round of competitions, making way for a new crop of talent and physical prowess. I eagerly await next year’s event.

Below is Sasuke legend Makoto Nagano attempting the newly revised, increasingly difficult stage one.

I like watching gameshows that test a person’s ability to NOT get owned. You would be right in assuming my levels of happiness to limit break after being introduced to the show Ninja Warrior and Women Ninja Warrior which is featured in the US and UK. Both shows are re-dubbed ports of the original Sasuke (men’s) and Kunoichi (women’s) competitions.

I’ve never seen anyone faceplant mid-air into an upright column because they timed their trampoline jump wrong. In this competition (Kunoichi 2007) you will see it three times, the third being the most dynamic of all. You can click the “Read More” link at the end of this post to watch all five parts. Part one of five is below.