dynamic syncopation: the plan


Dynamism (1999) 01. Intro 02. Dynamism 03. Ground Zero (Feat. Mass Influence) 04. Veteran’s Leg 05. The Essence (Feat. Yeshua Da PoED) 06. Bahian B-Boy 07. The Plan (Feat. Juice Aleem) 08. It’s A Monster 09. Homing In 10. Dedicated (Feat. Mass Influence) 11. Rock 12. Losing Your Soul (Feat. Yeshua Da PoED) [...]

coldcut & hexstatic : natural rhythm

In my follow-up to Coldcut and Hexstatic’s videos, check this one out. It’s pretty rad. My friend Joe Capezzuto that got me into the Ninja Tune label and their artists about 10 years ago. My favorite part of the video is the monkey jumping off the large stone. I wish I could jump off stones [...]