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Here’s a bunch of designs I made for the studio.
The polygons represent the brand colliding with the real world of NYC.

There’s one image that I made at the end of a San Francisco trolley, which is for a separate project they were doing for that location. Scroll down for a link to the write-up on Wall Street Journal.

Lady Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge




Construction Workers


To see more brand work click here.


— plyfe, a revolutionary new gamification service and platform, announced today that it completed a $1mm seed round of funding in February, led by Initial Capital, and is moving from stealth mode to an invitation-only but public beta. Anyone can now visit to request an invitation to the beta launch later in March. People can “move to the front of the line” by sharing plyfe with friends, then they will be able to play games, earn points, move up leaderboards, and redeem points for prizes and products.


Wow. The Art Trip was fun. The Circus Punks show was totally excellent. Paul and the boys put together a great event. Sket, Biskup, Tristan, Futura, SEEN, Brandt, Kathy, and a crapload other talent were there under one roof. Much fun. The Chelsea Galleries were pretty rad to visit also. For some weird reason, I kept looking at the car cut in half and the oversized dude in the corner sleeping. Then it was off to Kathy’s show at Orbit Gallery in New Jersey. I bought a painting of a tiny dog with a funny carnie hat on. White Plains is awesome, because people can drink on the trains there. I witnessed a man harassing a Kodiak Bear in overalls and getting his ass kicked at 2 am. Haha. I didn’t know bears could give noogies of death. Juan Carlos cooks a good brunch. Hooray.

Stuff at the studio is picking up. We are currently gearing up for 3 trade shows during the summer in Las Vegas, New York City, and Boston. I’m trying to stay sane….. Watch for the displays, yo.

.Los Angeles 8th, 9th and 10th July
.San Francisco 22nd & 33rd July
.Chicago 5th & 6th August
.Miami 11th & 12th August
.Atlanta 19th & 20th August
.Philadelphia 26th & 27th August
.Boston 23rd, 24th and 25th September
.New York City 8th and 9th October