tony jaa in ong bak 2

When the movie is released in the country you’re reading this, I am not entirely sure. I am avidly anticipating its arrival. Tony Jaa is easily one of the most talented and incredible martial artists in the world today.

The action sequences in his previous Ong Bak film have no wirework, no stunt doubles, and [...]

street fighter 4

Ok, soooo, since I’m in a martial arts type of mood, I think it would only be fitting to bring up one of the raddest examples that set the pinnacle and standard for fighting games: Street Fighter. Yes, that’s right, after a long wait in the series, they are coming out with number 4.

The [...]

master of the flying guillotine vs. one-armed boxer

The blind master of the flying guillotine faces the one-armed boxer!

I wish I had a flying guillotine and furry eyebrows. Maybe when I grow up I’ll look this awesome.