heavy hitterz manila: event photos

James “Ganyan” Garcia was kind enough to post some photos of the gallery show for us to share with others. If you want to see the rest, go to the artwork section of my website and click on the “events” category here.


momma’s boy painting

Here is the finished mommas’s boy painting.

Here is the info about the show it’s going to be in. A big thanks to James Garcia (Ganyan) and Phonetic Control for putting the event together. Good job guys. Check it out if you’re in the area!


A dynamic exhibition of 45+ international [...]

heavy hitterz manila: san fran launch party

Here’s an update for the show I’m in. It is going to be in Manila Philippines this year, with a launch party in San Francisco. Read below for more details

Royal Elastics and the newly formed creative team, HUSHXHUSH, in association with Pablo Gallery in Cubao, Quezon City (Metro Manila,) presents Heavy Hitterz: Manila, [...]