sneakerpimps la: dave white, irakny, kinsey, lupe fiasco, dj qbert, mainframe, jimmahfood, peekaboo, angry woebots, tragnark

I will be livepainting again this year at Sneakerpimps. This year I will be there with my friends: Mainframe, Jim Mahfood, Peekaboo, and Angry Woebots

Also painting will be Dave White, IRAKNY, and KINSEY Lupe Fiasco and DJ QBert will be spinning at the show, so it’s sure to be a fun time.

The Venue [...]

madl show 2k5

I will be participating in the Mad L custom Toy show in Chinatown LA at the Munkyking on April 9th. Some of the showing artists will be: Tim Biskup, Andrew Bell, Huck Gee, Mimic, Mainframe, Frank Kozik, BB Birdy, SEEN, Dez Einswell, Tristan Eaton, Spencer Davis, Dave Pressler, etc. Should be fun times.