quantum levitation: locking in three dimensional space

Shift it in space. It locks. Slide it across a ringed pathway, and it retains its orientation while in motion above the magnetic field.

Tel-Aviv University demos quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field. For an explanation of the physics behind this demonstration, visit here.


jelena momcilov, serbian girl with magnetic hands

Hmmmmm……how strange.

Is this real or not? These photos could have easily been done with a bit of glue on the palm. I want to believe that a girl has magnetic powers, because that would be different from the powers that most kids have today. If scientists could conduct some tests, then I guess [...]

blue spiral light hovers above norway

Up in the frigid skies of northern Norway, residents witnessed a unique light show, one that had never before displayed in their evening skies. The official story has been confirmed as a Russian missile gone awry when tested fired from the Dmitry Donskoy submarine in the White Sea early on Wednesday, failing at the third [...]

no sunspots for first time in 100 years

One thing that is brought to the forefront by this event is the significance of the sun’s effect on our solar system, and the abnormal stall of an 11 year cycle. It is also noted that there is a constant fluctuation between warming and cooling cycles of the sun, which in turn contribute to the [...]

magnetic ink process movement

Back in college, I used to go hang out with friends or draw to music played through the earliest builds of winamp. Usually we had version one of the whitecap or geiss plugins running in the background. There was a growing underground community of people writing their own visualization mods for plugins (it was relatively [...]