teacher explains the five deadly venoms

If you’re a fan of Kung Fu Panda, you may find this clip entertaining. It’s one of my favorite movies, Five Deadly Venoms. Some of the animal’s named are changed, but the basic premise of five students training under different styles with the sixth being the main protagonist carries the storyline. I wish I could [...]

kung fu panda dream sequence animation

This is one movie that I’ve been very excited to see since glancing at the maquettes last year at comicon. The character designs and poses were so dynamic! I am a kung fu classics movie junkie, so I was hoping they’d do some kind of justice or homage to the genre. After seeing the movie [...]

bruce li the invincible …and gorilla suit man

What’s really weird is how many fake “Bruce Lee” wannabees came out of the wood-work after the real master passed away. One of them, “Bruce Li”, was featured in a movie which my sister got me for my birthday years ago. She was fooled by the crafty spelling, but that’s ok. I was tantalized by [...]

master of the flying guillotine vs. one-armed boxer

The blind master of the flying guillotine faces the one-armed boxer!

I wish I had a flying guillotine and furry eyebrows. Maybe when I grow up I’ll look this awesome.