golem walking in front of a rainstorm

I’ve been working for a few months with MD Young and Kaching Brands on a toy design. It’s a character called “Golem”, who is part of a larger culture and world that I am writing about right now. The toy is set to be released this coming holiday season with distribution by DKE toys.

Here [...]

a treo is better than 50 post it notes

I’ve got a new drawing I did up in “Animation/Illustration” category for the Artwork section of my site. A quick layout concept. Soon I will be posting my Munny design I did for the kidrobot show. There’s a bunch of other drawings I’ve done also that I will post up when I get the time. [...]

kidrobot munny charity show

This is all last minute for me ( I was just added to the roster). If you can, make it to the Echo Park Rec Center on 1161 Logan for the Kidrobot Munnyshow charity event on November 3rd. Three shows are going to be put on simultaneously in LA, NYC, and SF. I give my [...]

sneakerpimps la: mixmaster mike, biz markie, dj am, stevie williams, kidrobot, five deadly venoms

Mark down the 8th of July on your Calender. I’m will be doing a live painting installation with some friends for Sneakerpimps when it rolls into LA. Mix Master Mike and Biz Markie will be performing. There will be a skate sesh with Stevie Williams, and give-aways from Kidrobot.

Check the flyer.