power in numbers 2

I’ll be in the Power In Numbers 2 show will be opening May 19th 7pm-11pm at Gallery Nucleus. Everybody is doing a piece that fits inside the space of 5″ x7″, with prices being either $50 or $100. All sales of the pieces will be donated to Susan G Koman For the Cure, an organization [...]

mr gauky, joey d, travis lampe, josh taylor, tragnark, zoso exquisite corpse

So my friend Joey D likes to make these exquisite corpses, where a bunch of artists draw a section without seeing who did the section before. I must say this turned out to be one of the weirdest drawings I’ve ever seen.

Mr. Gauky, Joey D., Travis Lampe, Josh Taylor, Tragnark, and Zoso Exquisite Corpse