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Time for a past art update.
Here’s the painting I did for this year’s I am 8 Bit Show.
Robo, Crono, Lucca, Ayla, Frog and Marle are all in the image.

You can download a larger version for your desktop here.

Watch the video below to see a great rendition of the Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross themes by the PLAY! Symphony.  It’s worth checking out if you’re a big fan of the games like myself.

Below are some links and great pictures ( taken at the I am 8 Bit event that happened a couple of days ago. A few of my friends (Woebots, Peekaboo, 2H) from Pocket Full of Monsters customized an arcade machine that was sitting out in front of the venue. Wow. It looks like they took full advantage of the larger space for the show, there was a lot going on there! article article article article article article article

Shazammy flickr photos

Oldmanmusings flickr photos

If you want to see the full set of I am 8 bit pictures, go to the artwork section of my website and click on the “events” category here.

Hey so that art show I’m in is here soon (august 14th). Make sure to look for the Chrono Trigger painting I did. I will post pictures of all 6 characters in a couple of days. IGN did a nice little write-up for the show, and my friend Jim Mahfood rocked a nice flyer for it as well. Here’s the flyer design….

And here’s some details on the show.

“After undergoing major renovations to the gallery, we’re extremely excited that such a large-scale show like I AM 8-BIT has chosen World of Wonder as its home this year,” says Randy Barbato, co-founder of WOW. “It’s bound to be our biggest, most extravagant art event to date!”

This year, I AM 8-BIT is made possible by generous, art-supporting sponsors: Capcom Entertainment, Foundation 9 Entertainment, Nerdcore, Colt 45, Skooby’s, 47 Communications, and Blik Surface Graphics.

i am 8-bit
Opening Night Extravaganza
August 14, 2008
8 p.m. to Midnight

Performances by:
Computer Jay
DJ R-Rated

World of Wonder Storefront Gallery
6650 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, Cali.

Runs until Sunday, September 7

article source

It was a difficult choice, trying to figure out what characters to paint for the I am 8 Bit show. Someone asked me, “Why don’t you paint the Chrono Trigger characters?” That was a great idea. With the upcoming release on the Nintendo DS, and the fact it is one of my favorite games of all time was enough for me to start sketching some rough character studies.

So here they are.

chrono trigger character sketches

I’ve been working the past few days on the painting and am having alot of fun with it. I’ve been referencing the artwork of Akira Toriyama frequently, as his original character work has attention to all the small details and set the tone for the world.

They also did a re-release of the game on PSX in Japan with an animated intro a while back. It features the characters in their environments, as well as the combination attacks that make the gameplay a worthwhile experience. Very cool.

Click here to see the animated opening that showcases all the characters.

i am 8 bit

Tonight I’m sketching out some ideas for the upcoming I am 8 Bit show in Los Angeles. If you haven’t heard of the show, you can check out last year’s event here on Kotaku. All the artwork is themed to video games, one thing I’ve fried more of my brain on than anything else in life. It’s a bit overwhelming because there are so many games I enjoy. Hmm….. I don’t want to be too obvious, but pick something people can still relate too. Back to work….

Click here to read Vinyl Pulse article and watch video