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Here’s a set of lyrics to shift your brain to knots within knots on some fundamentals of chemistry. This would have been choice for those classes in 10th grade if I had to take them over again.

I can do anything

Neutron, proton, mass effect, lyrical oxidation, yo irrelevant
Mass spectrograph, your electron volt, atomic energy erupting
As I get all open on betatron, gamma rays thermo cracking
Cyclotron and any and every mic
You’re on trans iridium, if you’re always uranium
Molecules, spontaneous combustion, pow

Law of de-fi-nite pro-por-tion, gain-ing weight
I’m every element of brown

Lead, gold, tin, iron, platinum, zinc, when I rap you think
Iodine nitrate activate
Red geranium, the only difference is I transmit sound
Balance was unbalanced then you add a little talent and….


If you live in the US and are paying attention to economics, you know that the value of the dollar has been dropping. In fact, it has down nearly 40% against the Euro since 2001. Is this a thing of concern? Some would say no, and that it is a down-swing that will inevitably see an up-swing. Others feel that the nucleus of the issue has not been resolved by the continual injection of fiat currency into the stock market and economy. Still others sit in the middle, analyzing both sides and advising that one should be humble in attempting to predict something as complex as the economy. One thing is for certain in short-term:

As the value of the dollar continues downward fluctuation, so the value of other investments increases. Will it be something that continues to trend on a longer arch? Only time will tell.

dollar collapse

LONDON (Thomson Financial) – Gold was steady heading into the afternoon in London, consolidating below the 950 usd mark after hitting a fresh record-high yesterday on heightened fears of a recession in the US.

Dollar weakness and recession fears have seen money pouring into gold, with investors using bullion as an alternative investment to the most common form of currency reserves and as a store of wealth during the ongoing economic turmoil.

Inflation concerns are also providing support, with oil still close to the 100 usd mark and costs rising in the US and Europe, the prospect of a return to stagflation has piqued buying interest in gold.

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