i am 8 bit: show flyer and details

Hey so that art show I’m in is here soon (august 14th). Make sure to look for the Chrono Trigger painting I did. I will post pictures of all 6 characters in a couple of days. IGN did a nice little write-up for the show, and my friend Jim Mahfood rocked a nice flyer for [...]

momma’s boy painting

Here is the finished mommas’s boy painting.

Here is the info about the show it’s going to be in. A big thanks to James Garcia (Ganyan) and Phonetic Control for putting the event together. Good job guys. Check it out if you’re in the area!


A dynamic exhibition of 45+ international [...]

momma’s boy sketch

Here’s a sketch of the painting I’m going to be doing for the upcoming gallery show. What a well-behaved Momma’s boy he is!

chubby bunny show finished

The Chubby Bunny Show is finished!

It will be up at the gallery until March 4th. You can view the online gallery and store by clicking here. You can view some pictures of the event by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone involved in the show and all your positive support. Thanks to all of those [...]