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It’s taking time, but I’m finally starting to upload images of selected gallery shows and events that I’ve participated in over the years. You can check out what images I have up so far by clicking here. I’ll be updating it regularly from now on, so this will be the only multi-event update.

The MADL show was great! So much cool talent there. Yeah, well, now it’s time to start getting my archive of photos together from the past few events and put them up on the site. Also, I will be posting images of my MADL design, some new paintings, and my skateboard design into the “artwork” section later this week.

Alright. I just recently spoke to Eddieflip. It seems that in Chicago, at least, our show is being sponsored by DC Shoes. Also, the grant that we were looking to get to ship the artwork all the around the country just officially went through. Nice.

Thanks to the efforts of my good friend Eddieflip, I will be showing my work on a skateboard deck artshow with many other totally rad individuals. Additional talent is being added to the roster everyday, with showings across the country being arranged. As of now, artists from coast to coast and europe will be partaking….I will post again as things develop.