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I will be participating at an artshow at Foundation One Gallery in Georgia on April 28 – June 23rd.


Media Contact: Ivan Annikov / / 404.806.0925


Over the course of the past decade an art movement dubbed by some as pop surrealism, lowbrow by others has created a strong network of venues throughout the West Coast. This relatively young movement, according to Larry Reid is deeply “rooted in the pop-culture iconography of 1950s and ’60s Americana.” Some influences on this progressive art movement can be found in comic book art, psychedelic and punk rock art, graffiti art, tattoo art, pin-up art and in many “other commonplace egalitarian art forms.” Never before has a show featuring some of the most prominent artists working within this movement graced the local arts scene until now.

“GROUNDWORK” showcases artists working within the lowbrow / pop-surrealism movement as well as artists who explore urban contemporary aesthetic. The idea behind the show is to introduce new trends in progressive contemporary art to the local community of art enthusiasts, and lay the “groundwork” for the type of art shows one might expect to see at Foundation One Gallery in the future.

ARTISTS: This group show will feature work by more than thirty artists both local and national.

Show features works from Sam Flores, Kathie Olivas, Damon Soule, KofieOne, Brandt Peters, John Puglisi, Tragnark, George Thompson, Marion Bolognesi, Jason Kochis, Matthew Kucynski, David Flores, Lola, BASK, Nathan Spoor, Jamie Zollars, Chris Yormick, Joe Shea, TesOne and the local talents of John Tindel, Michi, Urban Medium, Sam Parker, Keet D’Arms, Jason Honig, Dosa, Blink, Hilary Gore, Bethany Marchman, Rene Arriagada, and Born.

WHEN: The opening night reception for Groundwork is on Saturday, April 28th 2007 from 7PM to 11PM. The event is open to the public and there is no cost. The exhibition will be available for viewing through June 23rd 2007.

WHERE: Foundation One Gallery: 627 E. College Ave, Space B Decatur, GA 30030 / 404.806.0925