food inc

Worth watching if you were ever curious about how the meat in your burgers and the food in the grocery stores actually gets there. My family buys a lot of organic food, and watching this convinced me I should be doing more of the same.

You are voting every time you decide what to eat […]

zombie pig, zombie cannon, zombie farm

A video game studio asked me to come up with concepts for a tower defense game. This is one of 3 concepts I came up with, “Zombie Farm”. Basically the game took place in a post-abarnalyptic future and involved the defense of Farmer Dell’s homestead and all its stored food with weapons fashioned from farm […]

skunkman with triangle head

Skunks have faces that look like they are pushed to the end of their head, so I drew one. He can open canned food with his head in a pinch, jackhammer style. Don’t let this fellow raid your kitchen pantry, you will be left with nothing. Nothing, I tell you.

To see more sketch […]

delicious ketchup and mustard gun

If I was prone to having regular backyard barbecue I’d consider getting one of these things. They look fun to use.

Yeah, and it’s not a prank either, they have an official website and everything. The device is officially hailed as the “Condiment Gun”, as it is capable of dispensing various liquid garnishments on […]

cooking mama

Probably not too smart of a move, but I’ve been cooking virtual food on the DS before bed for the past few days. The sound effects and graphics are good, so that makes a human tummy growl. Cooking Mama claps her hands and gets starry eyed when you do an exceptional job.

If it weren’t […]

chocolate covered fondue

I like chocolate way more than vanilla.

Some would disagree with me, and I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Whatever floats your boat I guess. In the spirit of chocolate, here’s some awesome chocolate covered fruit I ate today for lunch.

There are two cherries, a strawberry, some oranges, and a fondue with […]

zojirushi NS-ZCC10/18

I don’t mean to be an asian stereotype, but I love rice.

If I love rice, then it’s natural to say that doing research to find an exceptional rice cooker would be the next step. A little over a year ago I was wondering around Chinatown with my friend and former roommate Chris Lee. We […]