i am 8 bit: show flyer and details

Hey so that art show I’m in is here soon (august 14th). Make sure to look for the Chrono Trigger painting I did. I will post pictures of all 6 characters in a couple of days. IGN did a nice little write-up for the show, and my friend Jim Mahfood rocked a nice flyer for [...]

pocket full of monsters: the mashup show tonight

Here’s the flyer for the PFOM: the mashup show tonight. You can check out the details and location on the Munky King website here. Click on the flyer for a higher-res image.

I’ll have both the underlava transportation painting and the priestess for sale in a set of prints with other crew members. You [...]

bunee qee feista design and flyer

I just finished up a Bunee Qee design for the 9 inch Qee Fiesta in Hong Kong. Thanks to Raymond at Toy2R for the invitation and putting on the event.

100′s of circus punks rule nyc

I just got my tickets for the NYC CIRCUS PUNKS SHOW. Read the show flyer below with the lineup, click here for the higher res image. It’s too big to try and write out on one list. September 30 is the opening to the general public. I will be there on the 29th at the [...]

sneakerpimps la: mixmaster mike, biz markie, dj am, stevie williams, kidrobot, five deadly venoms

Mark down the 8th of July on your Calender. I’m will be doing a live painting installation with some friends for Sneakerpimps when it rolls into LA. Mix Master Mike and Biz Markie will be performing. There will be a skate sesh with Stevie Williams, and give-aways from Kidrobot.

Check the flyer.


sneakerpimps belgium flyer

Here’s the flyer for the show in Belgium.