sledding on christmas

Here’s a little gift I made for the family this year. Had a lot of fun looking through old scrapbook pictures and thinking about old times.

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the world of adam and luna and storyapp

At Adam & Luna for the past year, we’ve been building StoryApp.

Before we knew what our family, brand, and product would be, we started writing a story and creating a world to help guide us. From that writing grew the characters Adam, Luna, Kiiy (the robot friend who powers StoryApp), and many others.

Here [...]

what a father passes on to his children

You’ve put others before yourself. You’ve supported and encouraged the dreams of those around you. Most importantly, you’ve taught us to build ramps to help others build their own.

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mother’s day adoption at JFK airport

Thanks for everything Mom. Thanks for giving me the love and support I needed yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

I’ll try my best to pass on the same values to others.

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new adventures and projects for 2013

Each day, a page. Each year, a chapter. I am hopeful about this new year and what it has in store.

For last half of 2012 and into the new year I’ve been working with a group of folks that have become an extended family of sorts.  We’ve been building a software/hardware platform that will [...]

the right decisions are often the hardest ones

It’s odd how changes tend to find you, not the other way around. I think it started with a couple simple questions I’ve had since I can remember:

1) How does one identify in a more authentic way with the product they create? 2) How can a group more effectively self-optimize and self-sustain to work [...]

hotel rwanda

During the year of 1994, Rwanda was a country torn by conflict between the Tutsis and Hutus. The violence affected many and sparked an eventual genocide of over 1 million people. This story focuses on one real-life individual doing his best to manage in the eye of an ever-closing storm: hotelier Paul Rusesabagina at Hôtel [...]

nobody’s family is going to change

Listening to this had me thinking about all the adventures growing up in a family of…well…contrasting personalties. If you’ve experienced the love of sarcastic wit from any one of your brothers or sisters, you may find this episode to be interesting.

Host Ira Glass describes a children’s book from the 1970s called Nobody’s Family [...]

happy new years

I hope everyone is having a prosperous and happy holidays.

I just got back from visiting family in the rolling hills of the northeast. One thing that I appreciate every time I visit home is the landscape, which is so different from where I live now. Something about seeing the rural farmland of animals patch [...]