this way to the treasure!

A boy, a fox, and a compass girl, chase their moonshot dream. Three brave explorers trek Gunganaap, propelled by heart unseen.

This way to the treasure, my dear close friend, over snowy caps and seas, through arid dunes and deep dense jungle, to the tips of outgrown trees.

Through the rolling meadows of Hoo-ma-bee, to [...]

xarthean explorers concept

Learned a lot working on this one. I’ve done some sci-fi themed work before, never with more humanoid characters. I tried a different approach where I isolated local colors out before building lights and darks.

To see the image in higher resolution click here. To see more illustration work click here.


grwahar grwahar

Not quite there yet….. Juggling it with other responsibilities right now. By this weekend for sure, it will be done.

xarthean explorers sketch

Colors will be added in the next few days. They are explorers from Xarthean, ready to probe the moons of Jupiter. I’m going to make some adjustments to the droid’s angle, and other things that I think can be refined in the final image. I’ll be using a red palette with this one.

To [...]