imagining the future at hasbro

The past three months been a fun-filled meet-and-greet process.. (2 visits, 4 directors, 5 vice presidents, 15 staff members total) … everybody here is super friendly and kind, and I’m already starting to feel like part of the family.

I’ve recently accepted the position as a “Futurist” in an innovation think-tank group at Hasbro.


nokia morph concept uses nanotechnology

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices. Morph can sense its environment, is energy harvesting and self cleaning .

Morph is a flexible two-piece device that can adapt its shape to different use modes. Nanotechnology enables to have adaptive materials yet rigid forms on demand.


phuzz entertainment agreement signed

After over a year of development, I have just officially signed an agreement with Jay Francis, Eric Radomski, and Ken Duer of Phuuz Entertainment to collaborate and take my animation concept to the next step. Now, the real fun begins……