visiting home for the weekend

Back in April I knew that my sister was planning on getting married sometime in July, but I didn’t know which weekend it would be. It just so happened that it was on the same weekend as Comicon this year, which was bittersweet but good in the end. I was working overtime to get a […]

events pictures updated in gallery

It’s taking time, but I’m finally starting to upload images of selected gallery shows and events that I’ve participated in over the years. You can check out what images I have up so far by clicking here. I’ll be updating it regularly from now on, so this will be the only multi-event update.

comicon was crazy! stan lee, disney channel, stangeco, livepainting, munky king, drink and draw

Woo hoo. Comicon was crazy. So was meeting Stan Lee face to face and talking to him briefly at the Disney Channel event. Thanks for the invite Jay. I fell asleep in the hallway of the convention center in the middle of playing Yoshi’s Island DS, due to sleep deprivation. Live painting at the Strange […]

nanospore show at nyc comicon

I’ll be taking part in the Nanospore show at the NYC comicon this year. The show will be featured with the AdFunture Workshop booth for signings, along with SEEN and Shawnimals.


qee, business cards, and chubby bunny show flyer

Three new pieces in the Artwork Section on my site. I’ve post my Qee design for the upcoming show in the “Toys/3-D” category. I just posted my new business card design and the story of Saint Prethanatus in the “Weird” category. Also, check out my first flyer design for the CHUBBY BUNNY SHOW in the […]

comicon: narnia, toys, video games, and animation

Wow. The Con was insane. Lots of fun and inspiration. There were alot of cool lectures going on too. The Chronicles of Narnia seminar was one of the best, because my friend Jalil’s animation was featured in the comicon exclusive trailer for the movie. It was good to see his hard work pay off……I got […]

chop shop flyer

Here’s the flyer for the CHOP SHOP show I’m in. It’ll be on display at comicon if you happen to be attending. My friends Huck Gee, Cam De Leon, Nakanari, MAD, and Nathan Spoor, are a few of the 66 showing. Such talented guys they are…..


preparing for the con

Well, I’m already beginning to prepare for the event in July. I know that it’s gonna be here in a flash. Right now it looks like I’m going to be having work shown at 3 separate booths at Comicon, with the possibility of more…Wow, no free time for me until then. Hopefully my camera batteries […]

the odd trip to san diego

Hair, Dog-Head Boys, Sweet Old Ladies, Pirates, and Discounts.

Here’s a lamp post.

This is where the journey begins.

That’s because this hunk of metal in the ground is the first direction I turned my camera in before capturing a picture. It’s also the street corner where I parked my car to get picked up […]