new york art romp: circus punks, chelsea galleries, kathie olivas show, white plains, kodiak bear, noogies, and spanish brunches

Wow. The Art Trip was fun. The Circus Punks show was totally excellent. Paul and the boys put together a great event. Sket, Biskup, Tristan, Futura, SEEN, Brandt, Kathy, and a crapload other talent were there under one roof. Much fun. The Chelsea Galleries were pretty rad to visit also. For some weird reason, I [...]

100′s of circus punks rule nyc

I just got my tickets for the NYC CIRCUS PUNKS SHOW. Read the show flyer below with the lineup, click here for the higher res image. It’s too big to try and write out on one list. September 30 is the opening to the general public. I will be there on the 29th at the [...]