i am 8 bit: chrono trigger painting

Time for a past art update. Here’s the painting I did for this year’s I am 8 Bit Show. Robo, Crono, Lucca, Ayla, Frog and Marle are all in the image.

You can download a larger version for your desktop here.

Watch the video below to see a great rendition of the Chrono Trigger […]

i am 8 bit: show flyer and details

Hey so that art show I’m in is here soon (august 14th). Make sure to look for the Chrono Trigger painting I did. I will post pictures of all 6 characters in a couple of days. IGN did a nice little write-up for the show, and my friend Jim Mahfood rocked a nice flyer for […]

i am 8 bit: chrono trigger + steamboat willie

In this picture here you can see the character Frog from the game Chrono Trigger on the left, and Steamboat Willie on the right. Why is there a plus sign between the two?

akira toriyama and disney

…because those are the two styles I am combining to re-create the characters for the painting I’m […]

i am 8 bit: chrono trigger character sketches

It was a difficult choice, trying to figure out what characters to paint for the I am 8 Bit show. Someone asked me, “Why don’t you paint the Chrono Trigger characters?” That was a great idea. With the upcoming release on the Nintendo DS, and the fact it is one of my favorite games of […]