creating an artificial brain with 12 seconds of memory

Culturing memory from cultured braincells?

It’s as if the innate ability of braincells themselves realize their function, even when re-purposed and displaced into another suitable environment altogether.

Memory. We experience it each passing nanosecond of our lives, yet it remains an indefinable enigma. Fascinating.

A fluorescent image of the neural network model developed at [...]

croatian girl wakes up from coma speaking fluent german

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first documented case of this occurring. My friends and I had a discussion about spontaneous linguistic knowledge, and were debating whether it was her own memories that she was inheriting, or awakening dormant neural pathways that already had the information stored passively from study.

Our minds are curious tools.

Croatian [...]

brain scanners see decisions before you do

You may think you decided to read this story — but in fact, your brain made the decision long before you knew about it.

In a study published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers using brain scanners could predict people’s decisions seven seconds before the test subjects were even aware of making them.

This schematic shows [...]

human: the science behind what makes us unique

I was listening to an interview with Michael Gazzaniga, the author of the book Human while drawing at work. The discussion first dealt with the uniqueness and similarities between other living creatures, then moved on to how that applies as a logical overlay in bioethics and observational similarities that seem hard-wired into our genome objective [...]

man declared brain dead, alive and well today

You’ve got to wonder when things like this happen if there is a definitive threshold between the body’s ability to house a life force or not, or if re-animation technology is more than the myth of a George Romero film.

This also raises interesting questions about what is lost or gained in every case [...]

tiny brain-like computer created

The most powerful computer known is the brain, and now scientists have designed a machine just a few molecules large that mimics how the brain works.

So far the device can simultaneously carry out 16 times more operations than a normal computer transistor. Researchers suggest the invention might eventually prove able to perform roughly [...]