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Whether you’re a kid or a dragon, old man or a mouse, bug or a crawly creature, …adventures are out there for everyone.

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new adventures and projects for 2013

Each day, a page. Each year, a chapter. I am hopeful about this new year and what it has in store.

For last half of 2012 and into the new year I’ve been working with a group of folks that have become an extended family of sorts.  We’ve been building a software/hardware platform that will [...]

the library of alexandria: then and now

The Royal library of Alexandria in Egypt was once the largest of its kind in the ancient world. The story behind its foundation in the 3rd century BC, destruction, and eventual rebuilding is shown below. If indeed the original library was met with destruction on several occasions, it leaves one wondering what ancient knowledge of [...]

bunee qee fiesta postcard book

There will be a postcard book published for the Bunee Qee fiesta with 50 artists from around the world, including myself.