dr. seuss horton hears a who tragnark toy

Hey so I guess I can talk about this now, since they’ve announced it on Vinylpulse. Thanks Jack.

Dr. Seuss mesmerized generations (and continues to do so) of children with numerous books filled with his unique drawings and memorable rhymes. Horton Hears a Who!, one of his most popular titles, tells the tale [...]

horton hears a who

I rarely get fired up for an animated movie before it comes out, but I can’t help but get excited for this one. Two talented friends of mine, Jerod Chirico and Juan Carlos Navarro, are animating on an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss movie Horton Hears a Who. This is just amazing because Dr. Seuss [...]

go and see robots

If you can, please go and check out the movie ROBOTS which opened at theatres around the country this weekend. Two good friends of mine Juan Carlos Navarro and Jerod Chirico poured their hearts into the character animation of this film. I’m also putting this up because I forgot to go see it…..*ouch*

I’m a [...]