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One dream of mine since watching movies was to have a starring role as a zombie. It would be a delight to stumble about while drooling without being looked at in disgust for it. Did you ever notice in a zombie movie there is often one “special zombie” that never gives up? Ah yes, the “I think I can” zombie that either gets clipped with the butt of a gun or loses half their gourd to buckshot, only to limp along in the film until their demise and obliteration later in the storyline.

black sheep

Well…let me scratch that dream as of this past weekend and replace it with my desire to act protagonist to mutant zombie sheep gone wild! Yes, that’s right, after hearing that effects production house WETA was behind the movie Black Sheep, I knew I would be in for romping good, tongue-in-cheek fun….and fun it was!

From driving sheep, to rugby tackling sheep, to rabid pursuits across the rolling hills of New Zealand, you will be on the edge of your seat. Hahahaha. There are so many priceless moments in the film, but I don’t want to say anything to spoil the surprise of how ridiculous and strange they are. The only question you should ask yourself is if you would find a baby mutant sheep hanging off a grown man’s earlobe smile-inducing. Yes? Then make this on your wish list….you will not be disappointed. Mmmmbbbbaaaaa.