best friends

Did you ever have a best friend? Someone you couldn’t get anything done without?

I was thinking alot about “friends” this week at work, and what that means. When I was a kid I used to measure friendship by people that made me feel good. Now I’d rather have friends be honest with me so […]

diner drawing: jerod chirico, the birdman

My favorite place to get ideas out of my head are 24 hour diners. I’m a night owl, so the brain usually starts churning after midnight.

I was with Jerod over the weekend at a place around Union Square. We were working on several projects when I started drawing him as the birdman.

I’ve done […]

norse warriors concept

Here’s the new version.  I made some changes to the staff of the female warrior to echo the stern of a norse ship, as well as adding some scrollwork into her armor. I changed the male warrior’s helmet to harmonize better in shape with the other’s head symbols, as well as making minor changes to […]

321 contact theme song

This is one show I always looked forward too. The opening music is catchy and inventive with a twist of disco. I would hum this to myself whilst coloring farm animals with crayons many moons ago.

My three favorite parts are:

When the bird of prey is being pet on the neck. The toad […]

stone age temple at gobelki tepe in turkey

One of the T-shaped monoliths in Gobelki Tepe, this one bearing a relief of a fox.

It’s more than twice as old as the Pyramids, or even the written word. When it was built, saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths still roamed, and the Ice Age had just ended.

The elaborate temple at Gobelki Tepe […]

ancient art of falconry

I was rummaging through old work in storage and found some entertaining drawings from 4th grade: warriors with mechanical birds perched on their shoulders to aid in battle. I wasn’t sure where the idea came from then, but now know that its origins started in Falconry. There are even places allow you to witness the […]

the kitten who thinks it’s a budgie bird

My mom sent these to me in an email. I wish I knew who took the pictures originally so I could give them credit. It is a kitten with a budgerigar parakeet, also known as a “Budgie”.


t. rex family tree now includes chickens & ostriches

Tyrannosaurus rex just got a firm grip on the animal kingdom’s family tree, right next to chickens and ostriches. New analyses of soft tissue from a T.rex leg bone re-confirm that birds are dinosaurs’ closest living relatives.

“We determined that T. rex, in fact, grouped with birds – ostrich and chicken – better than any […]

madagascan moth drinks the tears of birds

I like how they describe the proboscis of the moth as being a “fearsome harpoon”. Heh. Makes me wish I had a proboscis if I was in trouble.

A species of moth drinks tears from the eyes of sleeping birds using a fearsome proboscis shaped like a harpoon, scientists have revealed. The new discovery […]