beastie boys: hot sauce committee: make some noise

The best part about this picture is the cat in the background

Mike D, MCA, and Ad-Rock are back again.

Hot Sauce Committee has vocally blown tracks and a gritty production style that warp me back to high school, mid-90′s, and the era of Check Your Head and Ill Communication.

Here’s the entire album [...]

beastie boys: alive

Nothing about the New Year sums up my feelings more than the chorus line for this track. Oh, and those teletubby jumpsuits ….yeah, that’s where it’s at.


a tribe called quest : award tour

Mid 90′s, high school, simpler times. Tribe, Deftones, Goldfinger, and Beastie Boys were in heavy rotation on my tape deck in 95′. The kids today have no appreciation of what it means to get a mix-tape from someone else or to have one made for you. Haha.