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In the year 2052, the third world war has ended, all the parents are gone, and a new age is upon us. The age of “build-a-bears”.

Far superior to the conventional mech technology of the early 21st century, “bears” are created by various factions of craftsman to aid them in the work they do.

build a bear

build a bear

build a bear

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The past few days were filled with challenges for the family at the studio.
We’re tackling a ton of technical hurdles that have literally never been built before.

That means we’re on the right track. Chugging through the point of most resistance usually pays off in lessons learned and real progress.

The big payoff was interacting with a prototype that entertained me. Not as a technical guy, but as somebody interested in the stories that other people are capable of telling. I was staring at the screen and laughing at the stories my friends put together on their own time. You can’t fake that. Either you smile or you don’t when the experience of interacting with something is appealing.

The week’s obstacles made me think of software and how it’s like trying to bring a mechanical creature to life. Then I thought of a giant mech bear with a gatling gun strapped to the side of its egg-shaped head. One circuit miss-placed or one wire crossed, and the bear isn’t functioning at optimum level. You’ve got to sweat the details because it makes all the difference when the system is locked into place and the switch is thrown.

With time, good software can be built much like the bears of 2052.
It just takes lots of elbow grease and dedication.
And a willingness to fail.

Wow. Wow. Woooooow.
I’ve got to find this movie and watch it all the way through as soon as possible. The cougar scene is so gripping and filmed from the animal’s perspective. You get a sense of the raw tension between predator and prey in this clip.

The director of “Quest for Fire” creates yet another film in nature with almost no human dialogue in this picturesque story of an orphaned bear cub who is adopted by an adult male bear and must avoid hunters. Bart the Bear stars in this anthropomorphic fantasy

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Wouldn’t it be rad to sit on one of these while you played your favorite games or watched a fantastic movie? Better yet, don’t tell you family about it and invite them over for dinner. “Hey dad, check out the majestic mammal hibernating near the footstool.  It keeps the robbers away.”

You are looking at a bear shape big bean bag. It is a imitation of a lively hibernating Grizzly bear. The graphics on the bean bag is knitted, instead of printed. It can be functioned as a chair, a sofa, or it can be a awesome decoration for you home. The bean bag cover can be taken off for washing.

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