tank girl on a motorcycle

In her spare time she tinkers with motorcycles. This one is 5728cc.

To see the image in higher resolution click here. To see more work click here.


build a bear in 2052

In the year 2052, the third world war has ended, all the parents are gone, and a new age is upon us. The age of “build-a-bears”.

Far superior to the conventional mech technology of the early 21st century, “bears” are created by various factions of craftsman to aid them in the work they do.


true american dog

There are no words to describe how awesome and weird this website is. Just check it out for yourself here. Here’s three awesome pictures from the website.

Eagle adoption begins in america

Bear wins tournament for college team

Dog guesses dying man's favorite car


between bears

by Eran Hilleli original music composed by Ori Avni performed by Ori Avni and Daniela Spector.

l’ours (the bear): by jean jacques annaud: the cougar scene

Wow. Wow. Woooooow. I’ve got to find this movie and watch it all the way through as soon as possible. The cougar scene is so gripping and filmed from the animal’s perspective. You get a sense of the raw tension between predator and prey in this clip.

The director of “Quest for Fire” creates […]

sleeping grizzly bear bean bag

Wouldn’t it be rad to sit on one of these while you played your favorite games or watched a fantastic movie? Better yet, don’t tell you family about it and invite them over for dinner. “Hey dad, check out the majestic mammal hibernating near the footstool. It keeps the robbers away.”

You are looking […]